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Adorable Big Brother John Rocks Baby Sister Clara To Sleep

Back in 2018, mom Danielle Davis posted a video of her son John rocking his younger sister Clara while they were waiting for the baby’s test results at the hospital. The response to Dani’s video has been massive, as people just love to see the two siblings loving on each other and the big brother comforting his baby sister.

In a video posted to Instagram, a small boy is seen cradling his baby sister and rocking her from side to side. His arms are properly supporting her weight, and he shows nothing but patience and tenderness as the little girl sucks her thumb with her eyes closed.

The little boy is John, and he’s five years old. The little girl is Clara, and according to her mom and ABC7, she was born with a disorder called achondroplasia or short-limb dwarfism.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Achondroplasia isn’t fatal, but it does present challenges with mobility, dexterity, and development. Clara has already spent much of her short life in hospitals and doctor’s offices, and that’s where she was in the video as well.

Waiting for the results of an RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), strep, and flu test, she grew restless in the waiting room. Her mother was ready to help, but her older brother got there first.

John took Clara into his arms and started rocking her. He knew exactly what to do because he’d done it before, so he supported her head and back while she calmed down. Over time, she even drifted off to sleep with her thumb in her mouth.

Knowing that this was a precious moment, mom took a quick video, but even she couldn’t have predicted the way that the world would respond.

Millions of people watched the video. They also commented, liked, and shared it in droves. There were equal amounts of praise for both the boy and the mother. Everyone thought that John was a precious little boy for being so sweet to his sister, and they agreed that good parenting probably had a lot to do with it.

Indeed, John and Clara have become social media stars since their video debut, and it’s all thanks to their bond. Their mother’s Instagram account is absolutely filled with pictures of the pint-sized duo laughing together, playing together, and sharing lots of laughs together. There’s also an adorable kitten that makes a cameo every now and then.

Because of her condition and its rarity, Clara’s mom calls her “our 1 in 25,000-ish.” She also posts plenty of loving updates about John and his good-hearted nature towards his baby sister, noting that he’s “my favorite little boy in the whole world.”

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