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A touching story: After the birth, the baby immediately hugged her mother

Thanks to the Internet for making us happy with cute and touching videos! More recently, a video has “become viral” on the network, the heroine of which is the newborn baby Agatha Ribeiro Coelho. The first thing she did in her life was to hug her mother.

So, before she was born, Agatha became world famous. A very sentimental video at the moment gained popularity. The baby was born by caesarean section. According to tradition, the child was placed next to her mother, and the girl … immediately hugged her mother‘s face with a tiny hand.

So much tenderness fit in a minute video that it is impossible to describe it in words. The new mother of the girl, Brenda Coelho de Sauza, enjoys such an unusual acquaintance with her daughter with a blissful smile and it becomes clear that this love is forever.


In subsequent interviews, the woman said that this moment was indescribable and beautiful, and now she is happy to be a mother, and she really likes it.Baby Agatha was born completely healthy, there were no complications during the caesarean section. There were no prerequisites for such an unusual gesture.

The newborn baby managed to touch the doctors and melt the hearts of millions of people around the world and show that the love of mother and child is a given.

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