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A woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 66

In the era of economic globalization, no one is surprised that modern women first seek to build a career, and only then think about procreation. And, although the average age of European women in labor is increasing every year, the example of Adriana Iliescu is still unique. In 2005, a resident of Romania got into the Guinness Book of Records, having given birth to her first child at the age of 66.

A woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 66

The circumstances in Adriana’s life were such that for most of her life she could not give birth to a child. The early marriage was not happy, the spouse did not want to have children. After the artificial termination of pregnancy, the woman could not give birth on her own. Soon the couple broke up and Adriana plunged into work.

The woman taught Romanian literature at the university and wrote children’s books. Professor Iliescu has published over 25 books. The woman never got married again, and never met her man. Now all her time belonged to creativity and students.

A woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 66

And yet the woman understood that she was missing the most important thing in life – motherhood. She decided on IVF and for nine long years meekly followed medical prescriptions. In addition to physical limitations, she had to experience the strongest psychological and emotional stress. Acquaintances and relatives mostly condemned Andriana’s idea. She was accused of selfishness and immorality, some imputed to her extravagance. But no matter how her desire to become a mother looked in the eyes of society, the woman did not change her decision.

In case of her premature death, Adriana Iliescu made a will, where she named her attending physician, Bogdan Marinescu, as the guardian of the child.

And a miracle happened, at 65 the woman found out that she was expecting triplets. Only Eliza was born alive. Contrary to the forecasts of skeptics, the girl was born healthy. At the moment she is 16 years old, and her mother is 83 years old. The girl is beautiful, smart and very talented. Interestingly, the mother is a writer, the child is more interested in the exact sciences.

A woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 66

Eliza regularly wins competitions and Olympiads in mathematics. Andriana Iliescu is happy that she decided to become a mother. According to the woman, she does not like her reflection in the mirror, but she feels 30 years old, and when she gets tired, then 40.

A woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 66

It is noteworthy that Iliescu held the palm of primacy among old-born mothers for only a year. According to the latest data, the oldest woman in labor was a 70-year-old resident of an Indian village who gave birth to a 77-year-old husband of a long-awaited son. However, this was her third birth.

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