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Mother Gave Birth To A Daughter And After Five Days To Her Identical Twin Sister

Pregnancy is a long-studied phenomenon. Any modern woman knows exactly what awaits her in this state. But American Odalis Martinez faced an unusual phenomenon – she managed to get pregnant when she was already in this position. How this could happen – more on that later.

Odalis and Antonio got married in 2020. The couple decided not to postpone the issue of replenishing the family and, it would seem, everything worked out. 25-year-old Odalis was preparing to become a mother, but in July 2020 her pregnancy failed.

Barely recovering from the loss, Odalis found out about a new pregnancy – it happened in November of that year.

At the first ultrasound, the doctor immediately delighted her, saying that everything was in order with the fetal heartbeat. A little later, the doctor told the woman that he heard another heart. He was surprised that the second fruit was in all respects slightly smaller than the first.

As it turned out later, both babies were conceived with an interval of 5 days. Odalis became pregnant, in fact already being pregnant. Such a phenomenon is not a kind of fantasy. Such cases are already known to medicine – they are called superfetation.

Odalis was incredibly happy. She described her feelings as follows:

“I just cried with happiness. I felt that the first child we lost was in the room with me and said that everything would be fine.”

Every day of her stay in the position, Odalis was worried about the children. She was afraid of repeating her first pregnancy, which turned out to be unsuccessful.

The woman recalled that because of the fear of hearing an unpleasant verdict from the doctor a second time, she went to the first ultrasound without her husband. At the same time, he constantly supported his beloved and wrote her comforting SMS while she was waiting for her turn to the doctor.

On August 10, 2021, the couple had two daughters. The girls turned out to be surprisingly similar to each other. The eldest was born with a weight of 3 kg, and the youngest – 3.3 kg. They were given very beautiful names – Laylo and Imelda.

When the long-awaited girls were nearby, Odalis experienced real happiness. Here is how she recalls the moment of the first meeting with them:

“I can’t describe the feeling that I experienced when I held them in my arms and understood that everything was fine with them.

I love my family and husband, but I’ve just never experienced such love and happiness.”

A happy mother is touched by how her husband constantly confuses her daughters because of their similarity. Surprisingly, from the point of view of medicine, girls are not twins.

However, happy parents decided not to pay attention to formalities. To avoid lengthy explanations, they tell everyone that their daughters are twins. Here is what Odalis herself says about this:

“I usually say that they are twins, although after reading many articles I know that technically they are not. But it confuses people a lot, so I just tell them, “Yes, they are twins.”

Today sisters Laylo and Imelda were born perfectly healthy. Now they are actively growing and every day they delight mom and dad with mastering new skills.


Despite the slight difference in age, Lilo and Imelda develop at the same pace. At the same time, they are already beginning to show a difference in characters. If earlier parents liked to dress their babies in the same outfits, now Odalis and Antonio have to emphasize the individuality of each of them. Mom and dad are trying to pick up different costumes for their daughters.

As the experience of the American Odalis shows, not every pregnancy proceeds according to a standard plan. Sometimes pleasant surprises happen – for example, two girls appear instead of one, and even in such an unusual way.

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