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Thumbelina exists. How does a little girl who is already 17 live

An unusual girl named Kenady Jourdain-Bromley was born in 2003. Despite the fact that Kenadi will already be coming of age this year, the girl continues to be a real little “thumb”. Kenady’s mother noticed the first oddities during pregnancy – her belly barely grew.

Ultrasound showed that the little one, although short in stature, was developing normally. And only in the later stages did the specialists worry that the little one had not gained the desired weight and height. Kenadi was born with a weight of about 1 kg and a height of only 28 cm.

Doctors assumed that the little one had problems with brain development and believed that the girl could not even live for a year. But contrary to all predictions, the “thumb” managed to survive and grow. Kenady’s diagnosis sounds like “primordial dwarfism.”

Patients may indeed have problems with brain development and bone growth. However, Kenadi was lucky and in terms of mental development, she did not lag behind her peers.Today the girl is studying in a regular school, where she has many friends and girlfriends.

Kenadi also has a younger brother who looks like a real giant next to her. Tyrant simply adores his little sister, he is always ready to protect her and come to her rescue if necessary.

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