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A white couple has black triplets: Seeing the children – dad burst into tears!

Aaron and Rachel Halbert have long dreamed of becoming parents, but Rachel could not get pregnant.

Then they decided to adopt two children, a boy and a girl. However, the decision of young parents caused a negative reaction, and all because the children were black.

We knew that a white couple with non-white children would cause a lot of different reactions, especially in the south of the country. But Aaron and Rachel were very happy and proud of their small family.

When the couple found out about the possibility of donor embryo transfer, they decided to take advantage of this wonderful chance. Rachel was implanted with two African American embryos that were frozen over 15 years ago.

Thus, the new children had to “match” their existing siblings.

“They agreed with our thoughts about the children’s racial fit and supported the decision to select African-American embryos,” Aaron writes.

Six weeks later, the couple went to a doctor who lived in Honduras to collect their tiny embryos. But Aaron and Rachel were in for a surprise.

“We started describing our situation to the doctor in Spanish (bad Spanish, to be exact). He asked several times if we were sure Rachel had received two embryos. Since we were absolutely sure of this, we answered in the affirmative.”

The couple soon learned that one of the embryos had split in two in Rachel’s uterus. She really was pregnant, but not with twins, but with triplets!

The birth went smoothly, and soon Aaron and Rachel became the parents of not two, but already five black, wonderful children.

“We are very pleased to receive support from our friends and relatives. We thank everyone for their help in an unusual way to create our now large family. A dream come true for Rachel and me. We have a family that may not look like ordinary families, but which has gone down in the history of our country,” said Aaron.

“During Rachel’s pregnancy, I felt great joy watching my children, with dark brown skin and bouncy hair, as they kissed my wife’s growing belly. Every evening, the children wished good night to their three sisters growing in their mother’s belly, and now, when they wish the girls sweet dreams, they themselves kiss their cute little faces.

No matter what color the children are, there are no other people’s children. If people condemn such cases, this only speaks of their limited understanding of values. It is necessary to live and raise children, despite the negative views of others.

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