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At 36, she gave birth to 11 children and is now pregnant again. How much more does American Veronica Merritt want to give birth

How many children should be in a family? Everyone decides for himself. Someone dreams of a big family, but for someone the birth of one baby is a too serious and a responsible step. No one has the right to judge others for their life choices.

36-year-old social media star Veronica Merritt recently announced that she was expecting her twelfth child.

Veronica gave birth to her first child at the age of 14

Veronica Merritt is known to her Instagram and TikTok followers as Thismadmama. At 36, she is the mother of eleven children aged 21 to 12 months. And recently, a woman shared with her followers the news that she would soon become a mother again.

Merritt first became pregnant in 1999 when she was only 14 years old. She had just started high school at the time and was unmarried. She gave birth to a daughter, Victoria, after which she officially formalized the relationship with the father of the child. With him, Veronica has another common baby – son Andrew, who is now 16. Perhaps due to the too young age of the lovers, their marriage did not last long.

“I would like six more children”

The woman often communicates with journalists and frankly answers all their questions. She told one well-known online publication that some of her children were planned. She also confessed:

“I can’t take hormonal birth control because I’m prone to blood clots”

After an unsuccessful marriage, Veronica did not despair. Shortly after her divorce, she met another man named Marty who shared her passion for procreation. Now the couple has 9 common children: Adam, Mara, Dash, Darla, Marvelous, Martalia, Amelia, Danila and Donovan. The youngest of them, baby Donovan, is now only a year old.

To provide for children, you have to save
Veronica Merritt is an artist. Her work does not bring a lot of money. Thismadmama subscribers are often interested in where they and their spouse get the funds to provide for such a large family.

The woman admits that they have to save. So, in July last year, the family purchased a fairly budget housing – a house for $ 20,000. Veronica advised her subscribers:

“You should not buy a house for 200 thousand dollars. It’s better to invest in cheaper housing and make repairs there”

That is exactly what she did. As soon as the family renovated the purchased house, its value increased several times.

To cut down on transportation costs, the family bought a bus. Often the state provides the family with food. She once wrote on her TikTok:

“Please don’t judge me harshly because we receive food aid. This is temporary until the sale of paintings begins to bring us a more stable income.

Veronica considers motherhood her destiny

Motherhood never got in the way of Veronica. Despite the early first pregnancy, she graduated from school, which she does not regret at all. Here is what she told reporters about this:

“I graduated from high school with honors. I tried to get into college, but both times I failed due to kidney disease. But last year I still lost a kidney.”

And Veronica is sure that being a mother is her destiny, and all her children are happy. The woman does not hide:

“When it comes to childhood memories, everyone has something to complain about. But at least my kids know they’re loved.”

American woman is happy in her big family
Coping with eleven children is not only difficult financially, but also physically and mentally. The woman confesses:

“We are very noisy. We try to stick to some kind of regimen, but it’s difficult. I don’t consider myself very strict. I have rules like no smoking, no drugs, no relationship until age 18, come home before dark. But for the most part, I try to stay calm.”

On Veronica’s pages on social networks, you can find a lot of negative statements about the life that she has chosen for herself. But since the family is happy, you should not pay attention to the comments of the haters. After all, motherhood is happiness. And it’s great that Veronica Merritt and her husband have a common point of view.

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