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The woman pregnant for the ninth time, found out the gender of her unborn child

Yalancia and her husband Michael from Texas, USA, recently shared the good news with their fans – the ninth boy in their family will soon be born. The name of the future baby has not yet been thought of, but the brothers Jamal, Michael Jr., Angelo, Armani, Prince, Sinsir and Gimani are really looking forward to his appearance. (Yes, the couple now have seven sons, as their fourth boy was gone at birth.)

Yalancia first became a mother at the age of 17, and the current pregnancy is the next step towards fulfilling her dream of having at least twenty children. The woman is sure that together with her husband they will be able to give them a good education and raise them properly.

Although it is already recognized that she has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in order to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone.

Jalancia and Michael are active bloggers on the Internet and are already quite famous in the US. And the bigger their family gets, the more popular they become. Now more than 70,000 people are following their lives.

Yalancia is happy about this news. She successfully manages to combine motherhood and work. A woman runs a business remotely and makes money blogging on Instagram

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