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Grandma, 86, requested an honor to serve as a ‘fairy’ flower girl at her granddaughter’s wedding.

Keely Crimando and her grandmother Dorothy Czartorski have always shared a particular and close relationship.

Because of what it would imply for their relationship, she was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of getting married.

People were astounded to see Dorothy walk down the aisle at the wedding in October 2017. It was not what they had anticipated.

The wedding guests were astounded by Dorothy’s attire and couldn’t believe what they were seeing!Keely was overjoyed when her boyfriend Michael Crimando proposed to her.

Since they had met on a dating app, she had known for some time that Michael was the one. She first revealed to her grandmother Dorothy that Michael was ‘the one’ for her.

So it seemed only fitting that on the day of her wedding, her grandma would be the focus of attention.

She began to consider how to involve her grandma, who was practically her best friend, in the wedding when planning began.

She had an idea of what she wanted to do after hearing about another bride who had her grandmother as a bridesmaid.

Her grandma was shocked when she requested Dorothy to join in her bridal party, but she naturally said yes.

The grandmother of Keely’s aunt, Flissa, was wheeled down the aisle. Her grandma had her hair and nails done especially for the occasion, and she added a flower crown to complete her look. They both looked stunning.

Both her grandmother and aunt dress up as fairies with wands of magic. Visitors to the wedding observed Dorothy’s good joy at being present on the wedding day.

The bride was ecstatic and said, ‘I truly didn’t mind all eyes were on her,’ expressing her happiness at everything.

The bride is overjoyed that her grandmother would be prominently featured in the wedding celebration.

Even the photographer was enamored with the concept, commenting that it was obvious how much Keely loved and admired her grandmother.

Grandma even succeeded in entering the dance floor later on in the evening! Such a fantastic night.


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