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Identical Twin Girls Eyes Meet For The First Time – And Their First Conversation Is Priceless

Twins are fascinating, aren’t they? Here are two people that look exactly alike, but are actually quite different from each other. It must be quite a surprise for their parents too! After all, one of their babies was very unexpected. They’re in good company, though. At least 1 out of every 30 births in the U.S. end up as twins. (More multiples, like triplets or quadruplets, are less common.)

One mother wanted to commemorate this special relationship. She took a video of her newborn baby girls not long after bringing them home. These twins seem to be talking to each other! The little girls are making adorable faces. Some of their noises might even be words. It sounds like a very important conversation.

It’s not uncommon for twins to make up their own language. This is a unique way for them to communicate. After all, they’re the only ones who can understand what their twin is saying.

Being a twin must be such a fun experience. You have an automatic friend who shares many of your features. These babies are certainly enjoying every minute together. Look at how happy they are! The twins can’t stop smiling at each other. They even reach out to hold hands.

You can tell the babies apart by their pajamas. One twin wears a cuddly polka-dot outfit. Her sister has a onesie with an adorable pink flower pattern. Otherwise their faces are virtually the same. How cool is that? Their mom gets to have twice the happiness. The joy is automatically doubled every time her twins do something together. This will only continue as her girls grow up.

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