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A dad made a car from wood for his little boy for about two months

Parents always want to fulfill any desire of their child. But what if sometimes children ask for very expensive gifts that parents cannot buy. Of course, you can always explain to the baby that there is no money, but you can find an alternative way out of the situation. It is especially lucky when parents know how to craft and are talented in this area.

man builds wooden rolls-royce boat tail

A young Vietnamese dad did not lose his head when his two-year-old son asked for the most expensive car in the world. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail made several million dollars. Truong Van Dao decided to give such a car to his child so that he would not be upset. Тhe man is a woodworking specialist and an experienced wood sculptor. Therefore, it was not difficult for him to make a wooden copy of the machine.

This is not his first experience of such work. Previously, he built the BMW 328 Hommage and Lamborghini Sian Roadster mini-cars from wood. And these are not just copies, these are functional wooden cars that really drive. Dao maintains a YouTube channel, where he shows in detail the entire process. The channel is very popular and has over a million subscribers.

wooden rolls-royce boat tail
His work is no different from the original. Like previous wooden copies, this car is very detailed. It has mirrors, headlights, soft seats, radio and more. Even the wheels are made of wood and covered with rubber and they really spin. The work of the master is striking in its beauty. How much work and time is invested in this work. Dao is a true professional. The machine is equipped with an engine that is charged by a battery. Little son of Dao is delighted with the new gift from his dad and confidently drives the most expensive car in the world. The young man spent 68 days on all the work. He did not forget to cut out the appropriate signs and inscriptions on the car, as well as add numbers. The car turned out completely identical to the original. His videos on the Internet, as always, gained a huge number of views and enthusiastic comments.


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