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Her ‘Rundown’ Of First Day Of Preschool Has The Internet In Laughter

There is a lot of excitement that comes along with attending preschool for the first time. There is a world of new faces to see. With the new faces come worries of whether you will be liked by all of the other kids. If they do like you, will you like them. According to Mila, the first day of preschool was nothing short of a nightmare. When getting home from school that day, she told her mom all about her horrific time at school and her mom got the entire story on camera.

The twin sisters Emma and Mila Stauffer are the daughters of Katie Stauffer, a photographer and public figure well-known on social media. The girls are from Arizona and they enjoy expressing their opinion about whatever is going on in their lives and other social topics. Their mom often records their funny and highly entertaining conversations that range from talking about Justin Bieber to excitement about Disneyland.

On one particular day, Mama Stauffer announced that the two sisters would be starting preschool soon. The girls weren’t sure if they should be excited or weary for what was to come. The experience was surprisingly a big topic for discussion when the girls completed their first day of preschool. The response given by Mila was priceless.

Upon returning home from school, Mila couldn’t wait to tell her mom about how disastrous the day had been for her. According to Mila, she was in a classroom with a shady teach and kids that were insane.

The children were throwing staplers and pooping all over the classroom. Mila went on to explain that through all of those crazy things were happening, she was still alive.

After a fellow classmate was told not to pee on his friends, the young boy proceeded to chase the teacher with scissors in response.

With all of the chaos going on in the classroom, Mila felt that it was necessary for her to do something about it. To gain everyone’s attention, she yelled naptime.

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