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Smiling newborn baby took social media by storm

Photo with newborn Sullivan blew up the Network. It turned out that Angel Taylor gave birth to her son for four days, and as a result, the baby was so happy with his birth that he gave his mother and everyone around him a sweet smile that can melt even the most “hard” heart.

The 33-year-old resident of Bremerton, Washington, was due to give birth to her third child in the second half of March. However, on March 5, she felt a slight malaise and decided to measure the pressure. It turned out to be above the norm. In order not to risk the health of the unborn child and her own, the woman went to the hospital.

The doctors decided that Angel needed to give birth. But her cervix was not fully dilated. Specialists began to administer small doses of oxytocin to the mother to help her open up. For three days they observed the state of the woman in labor, but the cervix opened only 4 centimeters, instead of the prescribed 10 cm. Then the specialists had no choice but to prescribe an emergency caesarean section.

It turned out that the child could not get out because of the scar tissue accumulated in the lower part of the uterus. Specialists had to make a lot of efforts to extract the baby. When Sullivan was removed from Angel’s womb, the newborn literally glowed with happiness. He gave those around him a wide smile and happily spread his arms and legs in different directions.

“It was so amazing. I remember him moving in my tummy, like he was stretching. And I constantly repeated that when he was born, he would be able to spread his legs and arms to his heart’s content, because he would have a lot of free space. It seems that this is what he wanted to do first thing, as soon as he felt the space, ”recalls Angel.

A snapshot of a newborn baby who joyfully welcomes the new world went viral instantly. Users even gave Sullivan a nickname – “little smile”.

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