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After divorce life prepared for her another big surprise: Look what happened with the woman

Now Hanna, who lives in Northampton, is a happy mother of as many as five children at once. Eight years ago, she gave birth to two babies with a very small difference in age. Then Hannah was protected both times – but, nevertheless, embarrassment came out. Hannah became pregnant for the first time at the age of eighteen.

Then she lived with her then-boyfriend, drank birth control and did not plan to become a mother at all. She accepted her motherhood as soon as she picked up the newborn Megan. At that time, Hannah worked as a nurse, taking care of the children was not new to her, so the young mother did not have any special difficulties with Megan.

However, the girl was not going to give birth to a second child at all. She was not ready for the second child. However, after only two months, the girl felt familiar symptoms, and after taking a pregnancy test, she did not know what to do – he showed two strips.

It was during that period that the girl broke up with her boyfriend. She did not want a new relationship, but at one of the parties she met thirty-year-old (today) Ben Fagan. They had known each other before, but it was then, as Hanna herself admits, that a spark ran between them. After living some time together, the girl noticed some familiar feelings.

It turned out she is pregnant again- triplets. The doctors suggested that she end the life of one of the future babies. However, Hannah and Ben categorically refused to even discuss it – they needed all three. And at sixteen weeks they found out that they were expecting two daughters and a son. The pregnancy proceeded safely until the twenty-eighth week – then the triplets began to move less.

According to Hanna, the doctors were afraid that the babies would be born prematurely, and therefore gave her steroids – to develop easy crumbs in case of early birth. And so it happened: for another month, Hannah was able to hold out, but at 32 weeks she was delivered by cesarean section. Baby Ella Rose and Casey were born, as well as little boy Lester. Now the mother of many children with newborn triplets was discharged from the hospital after eighteen days.

Hanna says that although the children were born very small, they were very strong, so they did not have to stay in the clinic for too long. By this time, Ben had also moved into Hanna’s house, and at first it seemed that a hurricane reigned in the house. Currently, Hannah, Ben and their five children are hoping to move into a new residence – a large house with four bedrooms. In their current apartment, seven of us live a little

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