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What the mother of 9 kids looks like now:They appeared when she was 13 years old

Mom, who gave birth for 13 years, spoke about her interesting parenting life. Satu Nordling Gonzalez is originally from Finland, but her family is now based in Sweden. At 35, the woman gave birth to nine babies: three boys and six girls.

The eldest Nicole is 12 years old, Vanessa is 11 years old, twins Jonathan and Danilo are 10 years old, Olivia is 7 years old, Kevin is 6 years old, Selina is 2 years old and the youngest is only 4 months old and needs constant attention.

The motherhood blog, in which she talks about the life of a mother of many little ones and the process of bringing up so many little ones, is very popular on the network. The father of these flowers of life Andreas was born in Uruguay.Raising cubs is very difficult, as the age difference between the youngest and oldest daughters is less than 12 years

But with the great help of his wife, this work turns into a favorite thing, to which you want to devote yourself completely.”What’s amazing is that for the last 13 years of my life, I was mostly pregnant,” the woman said. For Satu, family is the most precious thing in life, without which she cannot imagine herself.

Since early childhood, she dreamed of a large and friendly family. But before her first pregnancy, doctors told Sat about the issues that would prevent her from becoming a mother. Few people know that this family failed to give birth to a baby the first time.

The woman had a miscarriage, after which health problems began.The clinic, which helps infertile women, made a terrible diagnosis to the future mother of many little ones. But with constant support from her husband, Satu was able to have more than one baby.

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