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The boy, who almost stopped growing at the age of one, is already 10 years old: What does he look like

Jacob Walker was born on January 4, 2010 in the United States, Virginia. Growth a little less than other newborns, by 8 months he practically caught up with his peers. But then the rate of its growth slowed down significantly. And at the age of one, the boy almost stopped growing at all.

Now he is already 10 years old, and he has reached a mark of only 76 centimeters on the stadiometer, which corresponds to the growth of an average one-year-old baby. But this feature did not prevent Jacob from becoming famous in the United States. In addition, in the near future the guy hopes to become popular in other countries.

Until about the age of 5, Jacob lived the life of an ordinary child. But soon the media became interested in his small stature, and the first report about an unusual baby was released on TV.

Even Donald Trump wanted to meet with Jacob, who in 2015 was preparing to nominate his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. The meeting was held under the close attention of journalists. Jacob asked the future head of state about his favorite films and private jet.

The meeting with Trump was Jacob’s first step towards popularity. Soon the public became interested in his life, and the boy had his first fans.

At the end of 2015, Jacob received an invitation to the casting of a street show in the style of “Wild West”, and after the first auditions, he was approved for the role.

Since 2017, Jacob has become a frequent guest on TV shows, starred in several TV series and one short project. In addition, they began to invite him to theatrical performances on an ongoing basis.

Over time, Jacob’s height gradually increases. Over the past three years, he has grown by almost two and a half centimeters. However, he is still unlikely to ever overcome the mark of 1 meter. But the guy manages to be really “big”! If not due to growth, then thanks to their own talent and determination.

Now a 10-year-old guy, growing from a one-year-old baby, goes to school, actively maintains pages on social networks and works on three film projects at once. In a short period of time, he has become a real celebrity in the United States and is working to be recognized all over the world.

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