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The famous sixtuplets already grew up. How they look like and live after 10 years

How does a large family live today? Mia and Rozonno met at school. It was there that their love story began, which later ended with the birth of gears. From the very beginning of their acquaintance, they understood each other very well. Gradually, friendly sympathy grew stronger and grew into strong love.

In their youth, they together experienced many difficulties, domestic troubles. Their life cannot be called easy. Mia grew up without a mother who was a drug addict, without parental love and warmth. Rozonno understood her perfectly, since his mother was just struggling with drug addiction.

Naturally, both of them matured very early. After the wedding, like any newly created young family, they dreamed of a child. But fate decided everything for them. For a long 10 years, their expectations were not justified. As a result, the newlyweds came to the conclusion that all their efforts were in vain. The couple turned to doctors for help, who helped them conceive with the help of medications.

The result far exceeded their modest expectations. An ultrasound examination that a pregnant woman underwent showed the presence of six babies in the mother’s womb at once. What feelings were overwhelmed by them? Joy, shock, fear? Whatever they experienced at that time, but today it is a full-fledged large happy family. After the birth of the kids, Mia became a housewife. She devotes all her time to raising children.

Rozonno has a carpet cleaning and furniture upholstery business. From the words of parents with many children: “At first it was a little scary. Practically everywhere there were difficulties, and the financial side was no exception. But we were driven by great love, which gave strength, strengthened in doubts and became the foundation of our large and strong family.”

World fame Fame and luck came to a large couple after the publication of their photographs on the Internet. The viral photo drew a lot of attention to this family and interested Oprah Winfrey, the host of the popular show. She invited them to her show, where they were given a gift card worth 250,000 US dollars.

In addition, she gave them another gift – paid for their previously canceled honeymoon in Las Vegas. Such a generous act inspired others as well. Parcels and gifts began to be sent to parents of gears from all over the country: diapers, baby food, clothes.

As a result of their popularity, a large couple created their own show – Six Little McGee. It told about the everyday life of a married couple with many children, about how children grow up.

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