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23-year-old girl adopted 7 children so as not to separate brothers and sisters

Do you remember what you dreamed of in your 20s? But a resident of the village at the age of 23, sincerely wanted one thing – just to become a mother. But she could not have her own children, so she decided to adopt a child from an orphanage. As a result, Alexandra became the mother of eight kids.

Alexandra met her husband when she was 15 years old, he was 24 years old. Feelings immediately flared up between the young. After 3 years, the lovers signed, bought a house and began to plan a child. Unfortunately, Sasha could not get pregnant. She was treated for a long time, but the hormones only got better. As a result, the couple resigned themselves to infertility.

However, the thought of children did not leave the spouses, so they turned to the orphanage and adopted a 2-month-old boy. “We were so happy with the baby. He made our family happy, like a ray of sunshine entered our lives,” recalls Sasha.

Unfortunately, the family idyll was marred by Tema’s illness. One night the boy began to choke, Alexandra was very frightened, she called an ambulance and wrapped the baby in a blanket, ran out into the street with him. At the hospital, doctors said it was an asthma attack.
When Artyom’s health improved, the family thought about a brother or sister for their son.

“The baby always dreamed of a big family, and I was all for it. More children, more love and warmth. Therefore, I turned to the guardianship department and a few days later I was asked to come for a conversation, ”recalls the woman.

In the office, Alexandra was shown photographs of two boys, and then several more photographs of other children. “At first I wanted to take one, then I decided on two. But when I saw other pictures, I thought, where there is one, there are four. But it turned out that they still had brothers and sisters. Only seven children who were abandoned by their mother. I was so sorry to separate them, ”says the mother of many children.

Alexandra spoke to her husband, and he was glad to take all seven. True, he joked that they would have to buy a bus. Alexandra’s husband grew up in a large family and always believed that children are happiness. They bring warmth, comfort and love. Therefore, I was really happy when my wife offered to take 7 kids from the shelter at once. The oldest was 14 years old and the youngest was 2 years old. The couple arranged bedrooms for children, bought the necessary furniture and clothes.

Now the family is raising 8 children. “Of course, the trouble with the children has increased. After work I come home and stand at the stove, cleaning, cooking, ironing. Just like normal families. Sometimes my sister and mother come to help. Plus, older children also help, look after the younger ones. Past life taught them to take care of each other,” says Sasha.

By the way, in addition to working and caring for children, Alexandra finds time for her favorite hobby. She has been doing kettlebell lifting for several years and even won first place in regional competitions.

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