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After waiting 75 years, a D-Day veteran reunites with the love of his life.

Even though it took 75 years to complete, everyone involved felt the wait was worthwhile. Jeannine, his French lover, and K.T. Robbins turned fantasy become reality.

During World War II, Jeannine was a young child living in a small hamlet in Eastern France. Promises were being broken and alliances were being formed as the entire planet changed. On a human level, though, something different was transpiring.

During the Normandy invasion, she grew close to American soldier K.T. Robbins. As both of them reverted to their previous lives, their fleeting love would come and go.

After 75 years have passed since their previous encounter, K.T. Robbins photographs Jeannine outside of his uniform. As he describes to a reporter how much his old love meant to him, a gleam flashes over his eyes. When the crew tells that they discovered Jeannine’s residence, that twinkle changes to shock.

The two of them were reunited for the last time after 75 years of wondering what may have been. Their lives were impacted by an unforeseen reconnection.

It was time to depart once more after spending some time together and swapping tales. In 75 years, a lot can change, including starting new families, lifestyles, and responsibilities. Once more, they parted ways, but this time it was on their terms. They both concluded a significant chapter in their lives with a passionate kiss that sealed the deal.


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