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Siblings separated in foster care for years are reunited in a surprise joint adoption

In the United States, the foster care system can be hard, especially for siblings who are separated.

For many years, two young boys were separated in foster care. They saw each other barely once a month. After taking some much-needed time to recuperate from their ordeal, the siblings were eager to live together again. Finally, in July 2018, a guy agreed to adopt both of them at the same time, making all of their wishes come true. They were finally able to be a family and be together again after so many years apart.

Tre and Ke’lynn, the boys’ names, were 10 and 7 years old when they first appeared on a broadcast in October 2017, when they revealed their terrible experience. They had previously been in child protective custody in Texas for nearly three and a half years, residing in different foster homes practically the whole time.

The guys were quite emotional and sobbed every time they saw each other. They yearned for the day when they would be together for good. In November 2017, a doctor named Robert Beck came forward and pledged to do all in his power to grant these boys’ request to be reunited.

Beck knew he wanted to be the one to care for the children and provide them with the permanent home they deserved the moment he saw their heartbreaking story on TV.Finally, Beck, Tre, and Ke’lynn became a family in July 2018 when Beck unexpectedly adopted both boys.

Tre and Ke’lynn were featured on WFAA’s Wednesday’s Child Report in October 2017, revealing their painful tale of growing up in different foster homes as they overcame their early childhood trauma. The brothers barely got to see each other once a month and wished they could be together all the time since they were all they had. «I wish I could see him every day, but I don’t,» Ke’lynn said.

Beck decided to move up a month later. He was adopted himself, according to WFAA, and he had previously adopted a kid from another Wednesday’s Child Report. «I was sobbing largely because it grabbed at my heartstrings, and I had an immediate connection with the guys, and I thought I’ve got to find a way to bring these boys into my house and learn more about them,» he stated.

Tre and Ke’lynn have been living with Beck since then, but nothing has been finalized. It would take some time for the adoption procedure to be completed. That moment arrived in July of 2018.

According to WFAA, neither of the brothers understood what was going to happen when they came into a North Texas courtroom on July 18, 2018. They believed they were simply snapping photos, but they were soon surprised with the surprise of a lifetime when they were informed it was their adoption day. The fact that they were being adopted together made the moment much more precious.

Both brothers were optimistic about their future together.

«I was adopted, and I feel fantastic,» one brother remarked.


Tre grinned and stated, «I go home,» when asked what would happen next. «Just being able to give them a lifelong home and know that they’re eternally mine,» Dr. Beck stated. When asked what the boys mean to him, Dr. Beck said, «I adore them with all my heart.»

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, about 437,000 children and teens are in foster care in the United States (American SPCC). Furthermore, it takes years for children to be adopted, and those who do not find a permanent home are moved between group homes and families until they reach the age of 18. According to the American SPCC, approximately 118,000 children in the United States are still waiting to be adopted, with many waiting three to four years. The group also highlighted the fact that males outnumber girls in the foster care system by a ratio of 52% to 48%.

According to the American SPCC, «This relocation generates a unique combination of emotional, social, and intellectual issues for individuals.» They often feel sorrow, guilt, rage, despair, loneliness, anxiety, poor self-esteem, and mental and physical health problems. Approximately 20,500 adolescents are liberated from foster care without being reunified with their relatives or adopted.

This very well may have been Tre and Ke’lynn’s destiny, but thankfully Dr. Beck intervened and transformed their lives for the better.

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