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Before turning 34, the ‘always pregnant’ mother gave birth to 9 children

Mothers of big families frequently lack the time and energy to properly care for their physical and aesthetic needs.

The fact that the heroine of our true story today constantly looks fantastic may be the reason why her family, friends, and the network’s many viewers appreciate and admire her.

Antonio and Sylvia Fernandez are the proud parents of nine adorable kids.

Despite the irony, Sylvia, who is only 34 years old, has remained nearly consistently pregnant for 12 years.

The youngest child is just a few months old, while the oldest is 11 years old.

Twin boys who are ten years old are included in this cheerful group. One by one, Sylvia gave birth to each additional heir.

The mother acknowledges that having so many kids is not easy, but she credits her husband’s continued support and the skillful scheduling of her time for much of her success.

Sylvia keeps up her social media page, and she has a lot of subscribers who are interested in the daily activities of a mother of numerous kids.

You must be so strong to do this.

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