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This cute baby stunned social media with her distinct features

All parents believe their kids are the finest, and some are eager to share their joy with others by uploading images of their kids on social media pages.

This is precisely what Stephanie did: she posted an image of her daughter Amai on her Instagram account. Netizens’ reactions have been divided.

Many followers questioned the legitimacy of the photos since the child in them looked like a doll. Some have criticized the mom for over-processing the photographs and using special filters that alter their appearance.

Information obtained from outside sourcesAmai is very extraordinary and uncommon. Her eyes are huge and appealing; her lashes are very long, black, and thick; and her full lips with light rounded outlines seem to be lined with lipstick or pencil. Such expressive facial features made the doll’s picture seem doll-like and rather artificial.

However, Amai’s unusual look is the consequence of the intermixing of DNA from several nations. The girl was born into a multicultural family that included a Latvian mother and an African American father. And, as you know, half-breeds are virtually always incredibly attractive.

Stephanie claims that her daughter’s eyelashes have been thick and long from birth. However, they continued to expand and eventually achieved their present size year after year.

They now seem to be both above and fake. To prove that Amai’s looks are genuine, her mother released a video of herself taking a close-up of her face. Only then did many think that the girl was naturally quite attractive and Stephanie did not manipulate the images.

After some time, they had another baby join the family, who resembled her lovely sister from birth. The girl has the same wide bottomless eyes, painted lips, and extraordinarily long eyelashes as the last one.

Stephanie already has over 100,000 Instagram followers, and they are all excited to see fresh photographs, commenting on their kids’ amazing doll appearances.

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